“Make of your life a dream, and of a dream a reality.” | Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Z.F. Duancito RG  

Falabella Juancito x Falabella Menecucho x Falabella Aristo

Falabella Duancito is a stunning refined and small stallion (0,78 cm), with a sweet character and it a beautiful appaloosa package, which he passes on to his off spring remarkably well. 

His parents were imported from the Rancho Falabella in Argentina, therefore he is ACCF (Asociación de Criadores de Caballos Falabella) registered, and he is allowed to carry 'RG' in his name. Besides that, he is also registered at the European Falabella Studbook (EFS) and The Falabella Studbook (TFS). He carries the best bloodlines of the Zegwaard Falabella Stud, with well known names such as Juancito, Gilette, Menecucho and Aristo. 

Besides his excellent bloodlines, he also has a proven show track record:

# Awarded with a GOLDEN PREMIUM by the Falabella Studbook Europe;

# Awarded as Overall European Champion by the Falabella Studbook in 2013;

# Awarded as European Champion Senior Stallions by the Falabella Studbook in 2016;

His offspring are also succesful performers. His daughter ZF Jilomena was European Youth Champion by the Falabella Studbook in 2016, and several foals turned out to be price winners at annual inspections of the Falabella Studbook. 

Last, but certainly not least, recently (2023) Duancito tested 100% DWARF GENE FREE. So Duancito will never give a dwarf foal.

Z.F. Duancito is available for breeding a few third party 100% Falabella mares. Please contact us for actual availability at +31 (0)6 38044062.